Ananda Frilled Strap Top

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Ananda Frilled Strap top is one of the simplest pieces in the entire collection. Frilled straps are elasticated and can be worn on or off the shoulder for extra versatility. The middle section fabric is doubled for extra support and it featured full zipper at the back for an easy on and off wear. 

You can match it with any of our bottom pieces as all pieces are made to mix and match. 

Made from Hemp Cotton Blend Ananda Frilled Strap Top will adjust to your body shape and size and it will soon become one of the comfiest pieces your own. It features a side zipper on the hip. 

The entire collection is made from hemp as a core material which is extremely durable and versatile. It uses 50% less water than normal cotton production. Its sourced ethically and it's of the highest quality.

Hemp Cotton blend is a perfect summer fabric with a feel of linen but with less creasing and crunching and a softer feel. It's one of the strongest natural fabrics that’s organically cultivated, UV resistant and anti-bacterial and it gets better with every wash.

Not only do you deserve a luxurious feel on your skin, chic and cute design but so does our mother planet. By opting for Hemp Cotton blend, you are not only being kind and good to yourself but also to the planet.

The collection contains 6 timeless styles all made to mix and match to help you get the most out of your clothes. The fabric feels soft and luxurious on the skin.

All tops have been doubled up for extra support and they come in 5 sizes to make women of different shape and sizes feel good.

Made from 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton makes a great blend as hemp adds extra strength and stability to cotton.

Hand Wash or Dry Clean to prolong your garments life.  

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