" I wanted to create pieces that are timeless and feel good on the skin, making our customers comfortable with re-wearing outfits. My frequent travels largely inspired all of the collections, and I wanted to make garments from 100% natural fabrics such as Cotton, Hemp, Tencel and Viscose to ensure cooling effects to the body during hot summer months. It's also perfect for sensitive skins, and it's easily manageable. We want our clothes to contribute towards the slow fashion movement and cleaner environment. "

Tania B. Darling - Founder  

• T.B. Darling focuses on slow fashion, sustainability, ethical production, and female inclusivity as core pillars of the brand

• We decided to make the collections multi-wear, and all of our garments can be mixed and matched with full commitment to supporting less is more movement, and a focus on quality and feel-good vibe.

• T.B. Darling only produce small orders per collection as well as minimise the use of plastic and paper as much as possible, focusing on building a brand that is better for the environment.

• Our design to the production process is short, taking no more than eight weeks, ensuring that there is no leftover stock. We strictly monitor our inventory and collections and only produce small batches that fit the demand. And we have done our best to remain small and closed-loop.

• We almost use 100% off the production fabric making scrunchies and a bucket hat out of leftover so that the waste is minimal in our atelier.

• Each garment is crafted from locally sourced materials on the island of Bali and incorporates handmade techniques such as hand-dying and cutting. We maintain a close relationship with a local family who runs and monitors all of our production.


• Tania spent over three months in Canggu, Bali to ensure that the brand only collaborated with suppliers who are in line with our brand values and sustainable ethos. Our production process involves spending hours collaboration over a glass of wine and dinner wither from home or at the atelier. Tania fully immersed herself in the process and learned as much a possible from spending time each week with artisans with skills passed down from their families for generations. 

• Our manufacturer is well paid and supplied with all that is necessary to bring our clothes to life with love. We are fully committed to utilising local resources and focusing on cutting down unnecessary waste across the production process. Bali has such a special place in our heart, and our goal is to share some of its magic with every piece you buy, making you a massive part of the whole process.

• All of our orders are packed in small canvas storage bags that our customers can use as luggage separators. Instead of packaging and plastic bags and paper, we opted for cute wrapping tape that can be reused by our customers.

• The fabric and washing care info is placed on the order cards as we didn't want to use tags on the clothes. The labels are thrown into the bin as soon as customers take them off garments, and we find it to be unnecessary landfill waste. We want to change the way clothes are packaged and focus on reusing available packaging.

• We have also added positive affirmations on our order cards and a personalised message so that our customers can reuse these as bookmarks.

• We continue to look for ways to contribute to cleaner landfills and protecting the planet as the brand scales.