About Us

It all started with finding it difficult to buy clothes, especially as they would fit well on the waist but not on curvier parts of a women's body. We wanted to create garments that have enough stretch in the hip, bust and waist areas to fit a woman of any size and shape. Focusing on female empowerment and inclusivity is the core pillar of our brand and changing the notion that clothes can either be sexy or comfortable by producing garments that make a woman feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Our garments feel good on the skin, and we found it hard to take them off. 

Tania's frequent travels as a lifestyle blogger also inspired collection as often she found find herself wishing that she could get more wear out of the clothes she packed into a small suitcase. We decided to make the collection multi-wear and mix and match with each piece in the collection. All of our garments can be mixed and matched and worn in multiple ways. We are fully committed to supporting less is more with a focus on quality and feel-good vibe.

T.B. Darling focuses on sustainability, and we only produce small orders per collection as well as minimise the use of plastic and paper as much as possible focusing on building a brand that is better for the environment. Our design to the production process is short, taking no more than eight weeks, ensuring that there is no left overstock. We strictly monitor our inventory and collection and only produce small batches that fit the demand. And although its almost impossible to be 100% sustainable we have done our best to remain small and closed-loop as much as possible.

Each garment is designed, sourced and produced in Bali. We use handmade techniques such as hand-dying and cutting and maintain a close relationship with a local women run manufacturer, who is committed to fair trade practice for all of their employees. Tania spent time in Bali meeting and talking to various manufacturers to ensure that we only work with the one that resonates with our brand values of small productions and sustainability at the core of their operations.

We treat each production as an exceptional and friendly process where we spend hours discussing every detail over a glass of wine or dinner either at home or the factory. Tania fully immersed herself in the process and learnt as much as possible so I that I can wholeheartedly stand behind every step we take. Tania spent time at the factory each week talking to the employee's whose skills have been passed down from their families generation by generations.

The brand is fully committed to utilising local resources and focusing on cutting down unnecessary waste across the production process. Bali has such a special place in our hearts, and we want to share some of its magic with every piece you buy, making you a massive part of the entire concept.

We continue to look for ways to contribute to cleaner landfills and protecting the planet as the brand scales.

We wish you feel sexy and comfortable so you can re-wear it over and over again and contribute to the more sustainable fashion industry.

With love,

T.B. Darling Team

Please reach us by emailing hello@tbdarling.com

Business registered address 7, Bell Yard, London, England, WC2A 2JR