Our commitment to slow fashion and sustainability

With sustainability used to the point of becoming non-sustainable in itself, we wanted to clarify our promise to correct contribution to better fashion industry and production echo system.

We do not greenwash

It's so important as a consumer to determine when the brand messaging comes from sustainability as a core versus greenwashing. Greenwashing stands for fast fashion brands jumping on the sustainable trends for profits. Perhaps they do have good intentions and wish to positively contribute to a better fashion ecosystem however with businesses on such large scale it's difficult to deliver on those promises.

We hand make our garments

Every single piece of clothing we put out is hand cut and sawn by a Balinese woman and her small team. The next step is quality checks by one of our team members, also a woman. This process can be lengthy so we only commit to creating small batches of 15 garments per style and restock only the items that are near being sold out.

We are a slow fashion brand

We focus on offering a few styles that we remake in different fabrics when launching new collections. We create pieces that are all year round resort wear and multi-wear so that our customers can't get bored of their sets. We are not stingy on fabric and we focus on quality not only in sewing but in design too and commit to testing our samples on different shapes and sizes to ensure it fits as many bodies as possible. We do this because we want our customers to feel amazing in our clothes so she keeps on returning to her sets versus needing to buy a new one every season.

This shift in consumption is so important as it saves large amounts of clothes from going into landfills.

We only use natural fabrics

We only buy Cotton, Tencel and Hemp fabrics and should ur clothes end up in landfill they will naturally biodegrade over time. We also commit to natural dies wherever possible and always look for ways to make sure every piece of clothing we produce contributes to a cleaner environment.

We are not money hungry

As a small women-run business believe us when we say we dance each time we receive an order but we don't have scalability plans. We would want to see women wear our clothes but we never forecast sales instead we let the universe take the lead and deliver our clothes to the correct customer.

We intend to make women feel amazing when they wear our clothes versus making millions. As our founder lived in different cultures we recognise that the closer we are to nature the more abundant we feel. Therefore money doesn't bring us happiness but a connection to Earth and an intention to do better by her brings us more satisfaction in life.

Our packaging is reusable

Even though the most unsustainable part of our business is shipping, we ship all of our orders from Bali using FedEx or DHL, we commit to less plastic and paper in our packages. We offer free reusable canvas bags with each purchase for our customers to keep and aside from a small order card and ribbon we don't use any paper or plastic for tags there are immediately thrown out. We encourage our customers to use our cards as bookmarks and not throw them out.

This is us in a nutshell and even though it's not possible to be 100% sustainable we are committed to doing our best and right by our mother Earth.

We are always happy to hear from you if you have any suggestions so please feel free to email us at hello@taniabdarling.com